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As towns and communities in East Kentucky strive to grow economically and rebound from the collapse of the region’s coal industry, the Housing Development Alliance seeks opportunities to partner with local city and county governments to replace rundown, abandoned, and deteriorated structures with new affordable housing. 

Affordable housing is a top driver of economic development by increasing local purchasing power, new tax revenues, and job creation. 

经常, the land occupied by crumbling and unusable structures will never be invested in by a for-profit business due to the high cost of demolition. That’s why a partnership with a nonprofit affordable housing developer, like HDA, is so beneficial. Our work not only increases the number of affordable homes in the area, which are currently in limited supply, but it also helps families and communities build wealth, grow the population, create opportunities, and make their towns more visually appealing, which also helps to attract new businesses. 

We encourage local leaders in Breathitt, Knott, Leslie, and Perry counties to partner with us to improve our communities by creating more attractive, safer, and more viable neighborhoods. 

Recent Redevelopment Projects

in Hazard, KY


In the summer of 2014, HDA acquired property on Broadway Street in Hazard. The project required the demolition of the old Broadway School building, which had become a financial burden to the Hazard Independent School System and an eyesore in the community.

After demolishing the structure (and taking care to preserve anything of historical value), we built 6 new affordable homes that were all sold to families headed by women. Right up until the present day, these women maintain their newfound community and often get together for cookouts and potlucks.

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Once a thriving section of Hazard, 阿莱 fell victim to the rapidly shifting East Kentucky economic landscape. When times got too tough, the businesses in that little community closed up shop and left, which left 阿莱 dotted with vacant, neglected, and decaying properties. The old strip mall sat empty for over 15 years and became a magnet for illegal dumping, illicit drug use, and other dangerous activities. 

Having approved of our work on Broadway Street, the 城市 of Hazard chose to partner with HDA to create a new 15-home subdivision in 阿莱. This project is currently ongoing. The city demolished the old strip mall and cleared the land, and once the land is completely ready for HDA to begin the next phase of the project, construction will begin immediately.

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